2021 Meeting

The 56th Meeting of the Wesleyan Theological Society will be held virtually on March 11-12, 2021. The theme for the meeting is: ‘Reading Scripture, Doing Theology: A Wesleyan Witness in Today's World. The Keynote Address will be given by Dr. Joel B. Green, Professor of New Testament Interpretation & Associate Dean for the Center for Advanced Theological Studies, Fuller Theological Seminary. 

Dr. Cheryl Sanders, Professor of Christian Ethics at Howard University, will also be offering an additional plenary "Radical Holiness, Healing, and Reconciliation" on March 12th. The Wesleyan Historical Society and The Wesleyan Liturgical Society will all hold pre-conference meetings (also virtual). Please make plans to join us for the conference.

WTS 2021 Poster

2021 Conference Registration and Membership Renewal

Wesleyan Theological Society Annual Meeting

March 11-12, 2021 (virtual)

Thursday, March 11, 2021 (all times MST)

9-9:15 Greeting

9:15-9:45 Plenary Address Dr. Joel Green-  "What's Theological about Theological Interpretation of Scripture?"

9:45-10am Q and A with Plenary Presenter

10-10:10 Break

10-11 am Panel: Wesleyan Biblical Interpretation: A Conversation with Rob Wall, Presian Burroughs, David Carr, Jennifer Wyant, and Brad Beard (Moderator).  

12-1pm WTS business Meeting

Friday, March 12, 2021 (all times MST)

9-9:15 Greeting

9:15-9:45 Plenary Address Cheryl Shanders “Racial Holiness, Reconciliation, and Healing”

9:45-10:15 am Panel response to Plenary in Conversation with Cheryl Sanders: Randy Maddox, Edgardo Colon-Emeric, and Priscilla Pope-Levison (Moderator)

10:15-11:00  Q and A with plenary speaker and panel

(rough draft)

Agenda – Annual Business Meeting

Wesleyan Theological Society (http://www.wtsociety.com)

March 11, 2021

 1.  Minutes

     a. 2020 Business Meeting

   3.  Treasurer’s report (2020-2021) – Brent Peterson

4.  Proposed budget (2021-2022) – Brent Peterson

5. WTS App and wtsociety.com- WTJ online

6. a. Update from Wesleyan Theological Journal –Jason Vickers

     b. Journal and paper/article submissions

7. Reports from Affiliated/Auxiliary Groups

     a. Wesleyan-Holiness Women Clergy

     b. Ecumenical Involvements

     c. Wesleyan Philosophical Society

     d. Wesleyan Historical Society

     e. Wesleyan Liturgical Society

     f. Charles Wesley Society

10.  2022 meeting information and call for papers – Luther Oconer

(March 2022 Duke University, Durham, NC)

10. Other Business

11. Adjournment

See 2019 WTS Meeting Minutes