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2023 Program DRAFT (Room Locations TBD)

2023 Annual Meeting

Wesleyan Theological Society

Wesleyan Historical Society


March 2-4, 2023

Asbury Theological Seminary

204 N. Lexington Ave.

Wilmore, KY 40390 (859) 858-3581

WIFI is: ATSGUEST (requires registration)

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Schedule may change

 Questions or corrections should be sent to James Pedlar, First Vice President (jpedlar@tyndale.ca)

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Wesleyan Historical Society

2023 Annual Meeting

Contact person: Steve Hoskins, shoskins@trevecca.edu


9:00-10:20   Session One (MC 205)

            Ken Collins                 Wesley

            Steve O’Malley           ATS History

            Luther Oconer             Henry Clay Morrison’s Worldwide Missionary Tour

Break (MC 202)

 10:40-12:00 Session Two (MC 205)

            William Kostlevy       H C Morrison: Southern Populist, Southern Holiness Preacher

             Gari-Anne Patzwald   Julia Shelhamer

              Jennifer Woodruff Tait   Frank Bateman Stanger

 Lunch ($6.75/person)Cordelia

 1:30 Keynote        David Daniels             C P Jones and the African-American Holiness Experience (MC205)

 Break (MC 202)

 2:45-4:15 Session 3 (MC205)

 David Bundy              Wilmore School of Historiography

Carole Spencer            Hannah W. Smith

Steve Hoskins             Wilmore Campmeeting History


Library Round Table (B.L. Fisher Library)

B. L. Fisher Library Reception

Coffee Table Book     Grace Yoder, Robert Danielson

 Dinner (Great Room) 

 Evening Hymn Sing Richard Allen (BC114)

Ryan Danker, Jonathan Powers

The 2022 Wesleyan Holiness Society Meeting is sponsored by The Wesleyan Holiness Pentecostal Studies Center, Asbury Theological Seminary 

Wesleyan Dogmatics: Setting the Agenda
Speakers: Joel Chopp, Laura Garverick, Doug Koskela, Tom McCall, Tom Noble
Date/Time: March 2, 5-7pm
Location: Asbury Theological Seminary, Wilmore, KY
Dinner: 5-6pm (free) 
Program: 6-7pm

For dinner, please RSVP Jason Vickers (jason.vickers@asburyseminary.edu) or Justus Hunter (jhhunter@united.edu)


Wesleyan Theological Society

2023 Annual Meeting


Friday March 3

 8:00-9:00 a.m.                Registration (McKenna Lobby)

 9:00-9:30 a.m.                Opening Worship  (McKenna Chapel)

 9:30-10:30 a.m.              Plenary Address: Kwabena Asamoah-Gyadu:  Baeta-Grau Professor of African Christianity and Pentecostal Theology President, Trinity Theological Seminary, Legon, Ghana

 10:30-11:00 a.m.             Break/Refreshments (McKenna Lobby)

 11:00 a.m.-12:30 p.m.     Concurrent Sessions #1 [see below]

 12:30-1:30 p.m.              Lunch (Option Cordelia Cafeteria $6.75 no advanced reservation needed)

                                       Meeting of the Executive Committee (Location TBD)

                                       Graduate Student Luncheon  (Location TBD)

 1:30-2:30 p.m.                Presidential Address: Luther Oconer: Associate Professor of Global Wesleyan Theology, Asbury Theological Seminary. 

 2:30-3:00 p.m.                Break/Refreshments

3:00-4:30 p.m.                WTS Business Meeting

4:45-6:15 p.m.                Concurrent Sessions #2 [see below]

 6:30-8:30 p.m.                Banquet ($30) please reserve in the WTS store by Feb 15th. WTS Awards and Memorial remembrance

 8:30-9:30 p.m.                IBOE and Nazarene University Deans Reception for all Undergrad and graduate Students (Location TBD)

                                        Nazarene Historical Society- Inaugural Meeting

                                         Manchester Wesley Research Center Gathering


Saturday March 4

8:00 am                         Asbury Alumni Breakfast @ Global Alumni Center (invitations will be sent in February to ATS alumni who've registered)

8:00-8:50 a.m.                Meeting of Program Units Committee & Section Chairs

9:00-9:30 a.m.                Worship

9:30-10:00 a.m.              Break/Refreshments

10:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.     Concurrent Sessions #3 [see below]

**2pm Memorial Service for Don Dayton (details forthcoming)


Friday March 3 11:00 a.m. Concurrent Session #1


Biblical Studies

Pauline Epistles and Global Challenges

Moderators: Kara Lyons-Pardue, Jenny Matheny

Benjamin James Aich, “Colossians 2:11-13: The Scriptural Basis for Linking Justification and the New Birth at Holy Baptism”

Yimenu Adimass Belay, “The Challenge of a Different Gospel: A Socio-rhetorical analysis of Galatians 1:6-10”

John D. Doss, “Diognetus, Paul, and John: The Missiology of the Epistle to Diognetus in its New Testament Context”

Historical Studies


William T. Purinton, “Testing Tongues: Charismatic Experience in Korea and Holiness Responses in Twentieth-Century North America”

Alan M. Guenther, “The Impact of Indian Methodists on the Missiology and Ecclesiology of the Methodist Episcopal Church”

Gregory S. Whyte, “Holiness and Revival Fires: The role of Holiness Mission in the East Asian Great Revivals of the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries”



Intercultural Studies

Moderator: Nell Becker Sweeden

Panel: “Thomas Birch Freeman: An Afro-Descendant Wesleyan Missionary Among Global Imperialists”

Segbegnon Mathieu Gnonhossou, Douglas M. Strong, Michael Mozley



Moderator: John Brittingham

Thomas Jay Oord, “Omnipotence: Death by a Thousand Qualifications”

Kenny Johntson, “Faith as Faculty or Faith as Assent?”


 Practical Theology / Christian Formation I: Worship and Aesthetics


Francisca Ireland-Verwoerd, “The Wall of Tears: Wesleyan Aesthetics and Vulnerable Immigrants”

Dan Pinktson, “‘Then Let Us His Name Sing On’: Wesleyan Principles for Congregational Worship in the Global Church.”

Beverly Ann Hall, “Contrasting Cultures: Differences and Similarities of Wesleyan-Holiness Theolgy in Multicultural, Transformational Learning”

Practical Theology / Christian Formation II: Practical Theology and Justice

Moderator: Montague Williams

Christina Smerick and Heather Ross, “Fear and Self Loathing: Christian Higher Education and the Cost of ‘American Identity’”

Christy Gunter and Michael Brennan, “A trauma-informed analysis and best practice approach to violence and aggressions against LGBTQAI2S+ persons in faith communities”



Special Panel: Asbury Theological Seminary Centenary

William Kostlevy

Steve Hoskins

[others tbc]


 Systematic Theology

Moderator: Thomas McCall

Jerome Van Kuiken, “Head South from Everest: Directions for a Global Wesleyan Christology”

Ronald Adkins II, “Trinitarian Pneumatological Personhood as a Wesleyan Anthropology”

Joel Thomas Chopp,  “Divine Goodness, Classical Theism, and Isa. 45:7: Evaluating a Flawed Evangelical Proposal.”


 Theological Education

Moderator: David Young

Stephen W Rankin, “Emotion-Virtues and Learning: Taking the Epistemic Contribution of Emotions Seriously in Theological Education”

Noel Adams, “Christian Universities in the 21st Century: Challenges and Opportunities”

Peter J. Smith, “History of Global Christianity: Proposals for the Church History Survey Course”


 Theology and Pop Culture

Moderator: Philip Talon

Drew McIntyre, “Moon Knight & Methodism: Trauma, Dissociation, and the Search for 'Real' Wesleyanism”

David Swisher, “Inconceivable!  Field Preaching, Digital Church, & the Metaverse: Embracing John Wesley’s Legacy of Innovation to Inform the Virtual Ministry of Tomorrow”

Courtney Jordan Turner, “The Rise of Non-Western Pop Culture as a Means of Grace for the Western Church”


Friday March 4 4:45 Concurrent Sessions #2


Biblical Studies: Acts and Christian Community

Moderators: Kara Lyons-Pardue, Jenny Matheny

Daniel Nii Aboagye Aryeh, “Salvation as Centripetal Force between Jews and Gentiles in the Early Church and its Reflections in John Wesley’s Concept of Salvation: Cultural and Social Criticism of Acts 6:1-7”

Michael Falgout, “Narrative Angelology and Soteriology in the Book of Acts”

Rachel L. Coleman, “‘Exiles, Aliens, and Strangers’: Reading and Living in the Company of the Global Church”



Historical Studies I

Moderator: Luther Oconer

Steve O’Malley, “Steinmetz and the Origin of the Wesleyan Theological Concern for Christian Globalization”

Charles Rivera, “Forging a New Church History for a Global Methodism”

Ron E. Smith, "Old Paths Methodism in the Modern World: Dr. Henry Clay Morrison's Campaign for the Evangelical Option in the Modern Period”



Historical Studies II

Panel: “Holiness and Pentecostal Movements: Intertwined Pasts, Presents, and Futures”

Moderators: Geordan Hammond and David Bundy

William Kostlevy, Dennis C. Dickerson, Christy Mesaros-Winckles


 Intercultural Studies

Moderator: Nell Becker Sweeden

William Price Payne, “Methodism and Revival”

Jim Vermilya, “The Possibilities of a Wesleyan Theology of Intercultural Relationships”

James Gregory Crofford, “Trinity, Prevenient Grace, Dreams, and the Missio Dei



Practical Theology / Christian Formation

Spirituality for the Life of the World

Moderator: Montague Williams

Deanna Hayden, “Systemic Sin and Leadership: A Self-Denying Vision Toward New Creation”

Christina Liu, “Four Golden Pillars of Tongan Society: An Indigenized Wesleyan Spirituality”

Julene Tegerstrand, “Giving witness to Sanctification: Conflict Transformation”


Science and Theology

Roundtable on Ecclesiology, Science, and the Wesleyan Witness

Thomas G. Hermans-Webster, Emily Nelms Chastain, Blair Trygstad Stowe

Special Panel

“To Spread Global Racial Justice Again: A Black-White Prophetic Collaborative Approach”

Moderator: Joy J. Moore

Christopher P. Momany, Doug Strong, Segbegnon M. Gnonhossou


 Systematic Theology

Moderator: Thomas McCall

Panel: “Wesleyan Resourcement

Thomas Noble, Justus Hunter, Warren Smith, Dale Coulter


 Theological Education

Moderator: David Young

Panel: “Going Global: What We’ve Learned (So Far)”

Brannon Hancock

[others TBC]



Theology and Preaching

Moderator: Levi Jones

Gerald David Mershimer, “Chastening the Pelagian Impulse in Expository Preaching: Your ‘Big Idea’ Isn’t Big Enough!”

Scott Donahue-Martens, “Ethnorelative Homiletical Theology”



Women’s Studies

Moderator: Kimberly Majeski

Panel: “A Theology of Love - Mildred Bangs Wynkoop 50 Years Later”

Linda K. Alexander, Diane Leclerc, Michael Lodahl, Thomas Jay Oord, Johan Tredoux


Saturday March 4 10:00 a.m. Concurrent Sessions #3


Biblical Studies

Mission, Power, Reform, and Identity across the Canon

Moderators: Kara Lyons-Pardue, Jenny Matheny

Kevin L. Spawn, “The Role of the Judicial Reforms of 2 Chronicles 19:4-11 in the Spiritual Restorations of the Jehoshaphat Narrative (2 Chron 17-20)”

David Young,  “‘All Lives Matter’ and the Universal Christ”

Rodney Kilgore, “A ‘High-Powered’ Exchange: Matthew 15:21-28 through the Lens of Hofstede's Power Distance”


Historical Studies

Moderator: Luther Oconer

Arpan V. Christian, “Wesleyan Spirituality, Bhakti tunes and the Indigenous Hymnody in Gujarat: A Case Study”

J. Russell Frazier, “What is the Fate of the Heathen?: A Wesleyan Response as Delineated in the Theology of John Fletcher”

William M. M. Faircloth, “Twenty-Five Years of Wesley in Spanish”


Intercultural Studies

Moderator: Nell Becker Sweeden

Dylan Parker, “Until All Are Kapwa: Entire Sanctification in the Multi-Heritage Fil-Am Diaspora”

David Abubekr, “‘Holiness’ in the Marketplace: Exploring John Wesley's Theology and Practice as a Response to the Scourge of Corruption Plaguing the Ghanaian Socio-Religio Context.”

Christopher Ashley, “The World, Not the Nation-State, is My Parish”

Paul Onoafe Latu, “Faiv: A Tongan historiography to promote Wesleyan holiness for social transformation”


Moral Theology

Moderator: Gregory P. Van Buskirk

Cole Jodon, “John and Charles Wesley as Tricksters, or the Affinity Between Wesleyan and Latinx Social Ethics”

Steven T. Lane, Wesleyan Political Theology: Categories, Method, and Clarification of a Global Context”

Kent Dunnington and Benjamin Wayman, “Strange Giver, Strange Gifts: Gratitude in Christian Life”

Jane Ellen Tolle Shoemaker, “The Virtue of Discernment: Lessons from St. Catherine of Siena for Christian Education Today”


Practical Theology / Christian Formation

Moderator: Montague Williams

Wesley’s Practice and Articulation

Bennett W. Ellison, “The Eucharist as a Means of Holiness for All the World”

Dean G. Blevins and Marie Gregg, “A Plain Account of Christian Purity”

Mark Maddix, “The World is Not My Parish:  Toward a Post-Colonial view of Christian Witness”



Special Panel

Discussion of The Faith Once Delivered: A Wesleyan Witness

Kenneth J. Collins

Ryan N. Danker

David Watson

Joy J. Moore

Dale Coulter

Stacy Minger

Steven Hoskins



Systematic Theology

Moderator: Thomas McCall

Chad Maxon, “Just Breathe: What the Dao De Jing can Teach us about Effortless Sanctification”

Logan Hoffman, “The Coming of the Kingdom: Lessons from the Global South for Wesleyan Eschatology”

Barry L. Callen, “Balancing Mind and Spirit: In Service to the Global Church”



Women’s Studies

Moderator: Kimberly Majeski

Hannah Hopkinson, “The Methodist Missionary and the Suffragette: A Synthesis of the First-Wave Hermeneutics of Katharine Bushnell and Elizabeth Cady Stanton”

Rebecca Laird, “Rev. Kanema Sharpe Hynd, (1893-1983), First Ordained Nazarene Woman in Africa”

Kate Hanch, “A Methodist Among the Methodists, Zilpha Elaw’s Itinerant Ministry”

Joshua Toepper, “Sanctification, Preaching, and Grief: An Inquiry into the life of Mary Bosanquet Fletcher after the death of her husband John Fletcher, 1785-1815”