2022 Meeting

57th Annual Meeting of the Wesleyan Theological Society March 10-11, 2022 (Virtual Event)

In conversation with our friends at Duke Divinity and our WTS Exec. Committee we made the difficult decision to make our conference virtual. While we are sad to not be face to face we have a wonderful meeting planned. The theme for the meeting is: ‘Reading Scripture, Doing Theology: A Wesleyan Witness in Today's World- A 20/20 Consideration. 

The Keynote Plenary Address will be given by Dr. Cheryl Bridges Johns, Professor of Spiritual Renewal and Christian Formation, Pentecostal Theological Seminary. 

The Presidential Address will be given by Dr. Joy J. Moore, Professor of Biblical Preaching, Vice-President of Academic Affairs, Luther Seminary. 

WTS Meeting Registration and Membership Renewal 

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March 10 (All Times Eastern)

11:00-12:45 Welcome, Worship, and Plenary with Dr. Cheryl Bridges Johns

12:45-1pm (Break)

1:00-3:00pm WTS Section Breakouts #1

3:00-3:30pm WTS Business Meeting

3:30-4:30 Wesleyan Historical Society and Wesleyan Dogmatics Working Group Joint Session

On Methodist Christology: From the Wesleys to the Twenty-First Century (Wesley’s Foundery Books, 2020), by Jason E. Vickers and Jerome Van Kuiken. Chaired by Randy Maddox with a response by Daniel Castelo and dialogue with volume editors.

4:30 Wesleyan Dogmatics Working Group: Session 2

Paper sessions on William Burt Pope’s Compendium of Christian Theology, Volume III with Laura Garverick, Douglas Koskela

4:30 Wesleyan Historical Society Meeting Session 2

Moderator: Priscilla Pope-Levison,

The Pentecostal Initiative behind the Wesleyan Movement: Joh. Adam Steinmetz and Christian David; A discussion of The Origin of the Wesleyan Theological Vision in the Pursuit of Pentecost in Early Pietist Revivalism, J. Steven O’Malley, Emeth Press (2020)

 Presenter: J. Steven O’Malley, Respondents: William Kostlevy, Luther Oconer        

5:30 Wesleyan Dogmatics Working Group: Session 3

Panel on Douglas Koskela's, The Radiance of God: Christian Doctrine through the Image of Divine Light (Wipf and Stock, 2021), with responses by: Justus Hunter and Jason Vickers

Wesleyan Liturgical Society (times TBA)

March 11 (EST)

11-12:45 Welcome, Worship, and WTS Presidential Address Dr. Joy J. Moore

12:45 Break

1:00-3:00pm  WTS Section Breakouts #2

WTS Section Breakout Sessions 

   Thursday March 10: 1-3pm         

Biblical Studies Session 1             

Moderator: Kara Lyons-Pardue

Diana Abernathy, “David’s Deceptions: Reading Old Testament Narrative as Christian Scripture”

Rodney Kilgore, “Paul's use of συναπάγω in Romans 12:16 and the Mission of Phineas Bresee”

Benjamin J. Aich, “Contra Disputation, Pro Peace: The Display of Wisdom [the Holy Spirit’s Authority?] in John Wesley’s Notes on the Pastoral Epistles”


Historical Studies Session 1                        


Julian Edwin Pace IV, “Exploring Approaches to Scriptural Engagement in German Pietism (1675-1725)”

Russell Richey, “Church History as Autobiography”

Michelle Taylor, “Wesley Works Digital Edition Demonstration”


Historical Studies Session 2                        


Daryl McCarthy, “Public Theology and the Inspiration and Authority of the Bible—Learning from John Wesley, Richard Watson, and Adam Clarke”

Robert R. Buck, "Lincoln's Political Theology from a Wesleyan Perspective"

Peter J. Smith,   “Ethopoetics: Reading Scripture with Early Christian Monks”


Moral Theology & Intercultural Studies Session 1             


Mary Beth Boesch, “A Hermeneutic of Violence: The Church’s Distorted Perception of God and Scripture”

William Price Payne, “Reading the Bible in Light of the Missional Hermeneutic”

Casey Thomas Livingston, “The Prophetic Call the Church has to be a Liberator for the Poor and Oppressed”


Philosophy Session 1                     

Moderator, Curtis Holtzen

Panel: “Freedom: Wesleyan, Pentecostal, and Openness Perspectives”

Kimberly Alexander, Daniel Castelo, and Rory Randall     

Practical Theology/Christian Formation Session 1


David Justice, "David Walker's Appeal in Conversation with Wesleyan Christian Perfection as Scriptural Argument for Societal Metanoia"

Bill Walker, "The Authority of Scripture for a Migrant, Missionary People: A Narrative Approach to the Wesleyan Quadrilateral from the Margins"

Mark Maddix, "Reimaging Christian Formation: Reading Scripture as 'Real Presence' ”


Science and Theology Session 1                

Moderator, Matthew Hill             

Karen Stand Winslow, “The Earth is not a Planet”

E Maynard Moore, “The Knowledge Enigma: John Wesley and the Natural World”

Janel Apps Ramsey, “Science, Scripture, and Climate Change”


Systematic Theology Session 1                  

Moderator, Laura Garverick       

Mark Gorman, “According to Scripture: A Fresh Approach to Systematic Theology”

Austin Hoyle, “The Inner Witness: The Epistemic Role of The Holy Spirit in 19th Century Methodist Doctrine of Revelation”

Jonathan Platter, “Person & Word: On the Limits and Promise of the Christological Analogy for the Doctrine of Scripture”

Theological Education and Preaching Session 1                 

Session 1              Thursday March 10: 1-3pm         

Moderator, Levi Jones          

Tammy Carter, “Views on Scripture and Their Impact on Divinity School Experiences”

Michael Falgout, “Preaching as Anamnesis: A reappraisal of W. E. Sangster's 'Doctrinal Preaching'

Frank Lilley, “Canonical Preaching: What Understanding Scripture as a Means of Grace Means for the Proclamation of the Gospel”


 Friday March 11: 1-3pm               

Historical Studies Session 3        


Lane E. Davis, “Seeking Scripture for Modern Methodists: The Influence of Yale’s ‘Liberal Orthodoxy’ on Albert C. Outler’s Interpretation of Scripture”

Edwin Woodruff Tait, “God is love: the exegetical and theological background to John Wesley's use of 1 John 4:8”

Charles Augustine Rivera, “Patristic Exegesis in Adam Clarke's Commentary on Genesis”

Jonathan Ottaway, "Synthetic Theology: The Holiness Roots of the “Praise and Worship” Theological Method".                              

Moral Theology & Intercultural Studies Session 2                             


David Nugent Field, “Setting the Bible out of the Question” – Pursuing Justice: The (Non)Use of Scripture in Wesley’s Antislavery Argument and its Relevance for Pursuing Justice”

Keegan Osinski, “Queering Wesley and Church: Wesleyan-Holiness Openness to Queer Christians.”


Philosophy Session 2     

Moderator:  Josh Perry 

John Thomas Brittingham, “The Inclusive Word: Scripture, Diversity, and Institutional Life”

Christina Smerick, “Womanist Christology: Reading Scripture from the Margins”

Kenny Johnson, “Eve Rabinoff's Inellectually Conditioned Perceptibles applied to John Wesley's use of Scripture in Direct Religious Experience”

Nathan Andrew Travis, “The Pragmatic Methodist’s Trilateral”

Practical Theology/Christian Formation Session 2

Moderator: Montague Williams

Nell Becker Sweeden and Josh Sweeden, "Holiness in a Restless World"

Doug Hardy, "Bibles and Bodies: Formation Through Physical Engagement with Scripture"

Brandon Winstead and Mary Schmitt, "We Wont' Eat 'Rich Foods': Daniel 1 and Its Implications for Youth Discipleship"


Systematic Theology Session 2                                  

Moderator, Jason Vickers            

Panel: “Theological Interpretation of Scripture: Prospects and Trajectories in light of the work of William J. Abraham” 

Daniel Castelo and Tom McCall    

Theology and Pop Culture Session 1             

Moderator, Philip Tallon

Steven Vrendenburg, "Are you feeling it?: The priestly work of Christ through film"

Drew McIntrye, "Jesus, Superman, & Canon: On Creativity & Coherence"

David Swisher, "Logos Incarnated in Digital Contexts: Does the Form of Scripture Alter its Message?"

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