Wesleyan Theological Journal 21, 1986

Table of Contents

  • Watson, David Lowes, Justification by Faith and Wesley's Evangelistic Message
  • Hunter, George B., John Wesley as Church Growth Strategist
  • Howard, Richard E., Egocentric Evangelism
  • Deasley, Alex R. G., Holy Spirit in the Dead Sea Scrolls, The
  • Hahn, Roger L., Pneumatology in Romans 8
  • Staples, Rob L., John Wesley's Doctrine of the Holy Spirit
  • Collins, Kenneth J., Wesley's Platonic Conception of the Moral Law
  • Seaborn, Joseph W., Wesley's Views on the Uses of History
  • Smith, Timothy L., John Wesley and the Second Blessing
  • Shelton, R. Larry, Trajectory of Wesleyan Theology, The
  • Dunning, H. Ray, Holiness, Technology and Personhood
  • Merritt, John G., Fellowship in Ferment: A History of the Wesleyan Theological Society, 1965-84
  • Maddox, Randy L., Book Review: The Scripture Principle (Clark H. Pinnock)
  • Haverly, Thomas, Book Review: The Church: Ecclesiology Biblical (ed. Melvin E. Dieter & Daniel N. Berg)
  • Snyder, Howard A., Book Review: To Reform the Nation: Wesley's Ethics (Leon 0. Hynson)
  • Miller, William C., Book Review: The Elusive Mr. Wesley (Richard P. Heitzenrater)
  • Gunter, W. Stephen, Book Review: Flechere, 1729-1785 (Patrick Phillip Streiff)