Wesleyan Theological Journal 24, 1989

Table of Contents

  • Brown, Dale W., Wesleyan Revival from a Pietist Perspective, The*
  • Collins, Kenneth J., Twentieth-Century Interpretations of Wesley's Aldersgate Experience
  • Cubie, David L., Placing Aldersgate in John Wesley's Order of Salvation
  • Haverly, Thomas P., Conversion Narratives: Wesley's Aldersgate Narrative and Peter in Mark
  • Snyder, Howard A., Presidential Address: The Holy Reign of God
  • Keen, Craig, Church and (The) Culture: A Little Reflection on the Assumptio Carnis, (The)
  • Stanley, Susie, Empowered Foremothers: Wesleyan / Holiness Women Speak to Feminists
  • Thorsen, Donald A. D., Experimental Method in the Practical Theology of John Wesley