Award Receipients

Wesleyan Theological Society

Past Award Winners Lifetime Achievement Award Winners

Robert A. Traina 1994

James Earl Massey 1995

Melvin E. Dieter 1996

William M. Greathouse 1997

David A. Seamands 1998

J. Kenneth Grider 1999

Susan A. Schultz Rose and Delbert R. Rose 2000

David L. McKenna 2001

A. Wingrove Taylor 2002

Charles Edwin Jones 2003

H. Ray Dunning 2004

Richard S. Taylor 2005

None Awarded 2006

Paul Bassett 2007

Rob L. Staples 2008

Barry L. Callen 2009

Donald Dayton 2010

Howard S. Snyder 2011

Susie Stanley 2012

William J. Abraham 2013

David Bundy 2015

Craig Keen, 2016

J. Steven O'Malley, 2017

William Kostlevy, 2018

Smith/Wynkoop Book Award

2000 Douglas M. Strong, Perfectionist Politics

2001 William J. Abraham, Canon and Criterion

2002 Diane Leclerc, Singleness of Heart

2003 Laurence A. Wood, The Meaning of Pentecost

2004 Floyd T. Cunningham, Holiness Abroad

2005 Samuel M. Powell. Participating in God: Creation and Trinity. Augsburg Fortress. 2003.

2006 James Earl Massey. African Americans and the Church of God (Anderson, Ind.): Aspects of a Social History. Anderson University Press. 2005.

2007 Howard A. Snyder. Populist Saints: B. T. and Ellen Roberts and the First Free Methodists. Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Company. 2006.

2008 Charles Jones, The Wesleyan Holiness Movement: A Guide

2009 J. Randall Stephens, The Fire Spreads: Holiness and Pentecostalism in the American South

2010 Randy L. Maddox and Jason E. Vickers, eds. The Cambridge Companion to John Wesley

2011 John Wigger, American Saint: Francis Asbury and the Methodists

2012 Dean Fleming, New Beacon Bible Commentary: Philippians.

2013 Jennifer L. Woodruff Tait, The Poisoned Chalice: Eucharistic Grape Juice and Common-Sense Realism in Victoriam Methodism

2014 Robert Wall (with Richard B. Steele). I and II Timothy and Titus

2015 Priscilla Pope-Levison, Building The Old Time Religion: Women Evangelists in the Progressive Era.

2016 Randy Maddox, Paul Chilcote, Kenneth Collins, Ted Campbell, The Works of John Wesley: Doctrinal and Controversial Treatises, II

2017 John Drury, The Resurrected God

2018 Luther Jeremiah O'Conor, Spirit-Filled Protestantism

Dissertation Award


Mark H. Mann, "Perfectin Grace: Holiness, Human Being, and the Sciences"


Benjamin L. Hartley, "Holliness Evangelical Urban Mission and Identity in Boston, 1860-1910"


Joanne Cruickshank, "Charles Wesley and the Construction of Suffering in Eighteenth Century England"Geordan Hammond, "Restori


Geordan Hammond, "Restoring Primitive Christianity:John Wesley and Georgia, 1735-1737"


Brian Clark, "The Contentious Birth of Wesleyn Methodism, 1738- 1741:Gender, Charism, and Sectarian Division."


Brent D. Peterson "A Post-Wesleyan Eucharistic Ecclesiology: The Renewal of the Church as the Body of Christ to Be Doxologically Broken and Spilled Out for the World."

Patrick Alan Eby, "The One Thing Needful: The Development of Charles Wesley's Theology of the Restoration of the Image of God."


Stanley J. Rodes, "From Faith to Faith: An Examination of the Servant-Son Metaphor in John Wesley's Theological Thought."


Steven Joe Koskie, "Reading the Way to Heaven: A Wesleyan Theological Hermeneutic of Scripture."


Kara Lyons-Pardue


Robert Ellis Haynes, "Consuming Mission: Toward a Theology of Short Term Mission."

Pastor/Preacher/Scholar Award

2006 Brian Postlewait, Jeren Rowell, William Watty

2007 Robert Branson

2008 Robert Luhn

2009 Ronald V. Duncan

2011 Major JoAnn Shade

2012 Dan Boone and Andrew Kinsey

2013 H. Mark Abbott

2014 Steven Borger

2015 Henry Spaulding

2016 Kevin Mannoia

2017 Timothy Tennant

2018 Maxie Dunnam