Wesleyan Theological Journal 12, 1977

Table of Contents

  • Staples, Rob L., Present Frontiers of Wesleyan Theology, The
  • Taylor, Willard H., Baptism of the Holy Spirit: Promise of Grace or Judgment, The
  • McCown, Wayne, God's Will . . . For You": Sanctification in the Thessalonian Epistles
  • Cox, Leo G., "Straw" in the Believer -- 1 Corinthians 3:12, The
  • Oswalt, John N., Wesley's Use of the Old Testament in His Doctrinal Teachings
  • Wilson, Charles R., Relevance of John Wesley's Distinctive Correlation of the Love and Law, The
  • Dillman, Charles N., Wesley's Approach to the Law in Discourse XXV on the Sermon on the Mount