Wesleyan Theological Journal 13, 1978

Table of Contents

  • Thompson, W. Ralph, Epistle of James -- A Document on Heavenly Wisdom, The
  • Knight, John A., John Fletcher's Influence on the Development of Wesleyan Theology in America
  • Coppedge, Allen, Entire Sanctification in Early American Methodism: 1812-1835
  • Hamilton, James E., Nineteenth Century Philosophy & Holiness Theology: Study in Thought Asa Mahan
  • Bassett, Paul M., Fundamentalist Leavening of the Holiness Movement: 1914-1940, The
  • Smith, Timothy L., Doctrine of Sanctifying Spirit: Finney's Synthesis of Wesleyan & Covenant Theology
  • Dayton, Donald W., Doctrine of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit: Its Emergence and Significance, The