Wesleyan Theological Journal 16,1, 1981

Table of Contents

  • Wood, Laurence W., Presidential Address: History and Hermeneutics: A Pannenbergian Perspective
  • Shelton, R. Larry, John Wesley's Approach to Scripture in Historical Perspective
  • Vermillion, William, Devotional Use of Scripture in the Wesleyan Movement, The
  • McCant, Jerry, Wesleyan Interpretation of Romans 5 - 8, The
  • Kinlaw, Dennis, Charles Williams' Concept of Imaging Applied to the "Song of Songs"
  • Thompson, David, + Problem of Unfulfilled Prophecy in Ezekiel: The Destruction of Tyre, A*
  • Smith, Timothy L., Notes on the Exegesis of John Wesley's Explanatory Notes upon the New Testament