Wesleyan Theological Journal 16,2, 1981

Table of Contents

  • Harper, Steven, Response to "The Devotional Use of Scripture in the Wesleyan Movement", The
  • Hynson, Leon O., Point of Contact: A Response to Dennis F. Kinlaw's Interpretation of Charles Williams
  • Lawhead, Alvin S., Problem of Unfulfilled Prophecy in Ezekiel: A Response, The
  • Smith, Timothy L., Holy Spirit in the Hymns of the Wesleys, The
  • Mitchell, T. Crichton, Response to Dr. Timothy Smith on the Wesleys' Hymns
  • McCown, Wayne, Holiness in Hebrews
  • Bassett, Paul Merritt, Interplay of Christology and Ecclesiology in the Theology of the Holiness Movement
  • McCarthy, Daryl, Early Wesleyan Views of Scripture
  • Maddox, Randy, Use of the Aorist Tense in Holiness Exegesis, The
  • Anonymous Book Review, Holy Spirit. Friend and Counselor (Milton S. Agnew)
  • Anonymous Book Review, Letters I, 1721-1739, Vol. 25 of The Works of John Wesley (ed. Frank Baker)
  • Anonymous Book Review, Entire Sanctification. The Distinctive Doctrine of Wesleyanism (J. Kenneth Grider)
  • Anonymous Book Review, Holiness Revival of the Nineteenth Century (Melvin Easterday Dieter)
  • Anonymous Book Review, Fundamentalism and American Culture 1870-1925 (George M. Marsden)
  • Anonymous Book Review, Essentials of Wesleyan Theology: A Contemporary Affirmation (Paul A. Mickey)
  • Anonymous Book Review, Sanctification and Liberation. (ed. Theodore Runyan)
  • Anonymous Book Review, Pentecostal Grace (Lawrence W. Wood)