Wesleyan Theological Journal 18,1, 1983

Table of Contents

  • Bassett, Paul Merritt, Presidential Address: The Holiness Movement and the Protestant Principle
  • Burgess, Harold, Wesleyan Theology of Ministry, A
  • Berg, Daniel N., Response to Harold Burgess, A
  • Johnson, W. Stanley, Christian Perfection as Love for God
  • Arnett, William M., Response to Stanley Johnson, A
  • Lyons, George, Hermeneutical Bases for Theology: Higher Criticism and the Wesleyan Interpreter
  • Weigelt, Morris A., Response to George Lyons, A
  • Thompson, R. Duane, Wesleyan and the Struggle to Forgive, The
  • Merritt, John G., Interpretive Context for Struggle: A Response to R. Duane Thompson, The
  • Cubie, David L., Toward A Wesleyan Theology of the Kingdom
  • Baldwin, Charles E., Response to David Cubie, A
  • Raser, Harold E., Book Review: Freedom and Grace: Asa Mahan (Madden & Hamilton)
  • Arnett, William M., Book Review: Did Christ Die for All (Failing) & Introduction to Wesleyan...
  • Carver, Frank G., Book Review: Celebration of Ministry: Honor of Stanger (ed. K. C. Kinghorn)
  • Truesdale, Albert L., Book Review: Christianity Confronts Modernity (eds. Peter Williamson & Kevin Perrotta)