Wesleyan Theological Journal 18,2, 1983

Table of Contents

  • Hendricks, M. Elton, John Wesley and Natural Theology
  • Brockwell, Charles W., Jr., John Wesley's Doctrine of Justification
  • Powell, Sam, Doctrine of the Trinity in Nineteenth Century American Wesleyanism 1850-1900, The
  • Hannah, Vern A., Original Sin and Sanctification: A Problem for Wesleyans
  • Luik, John C., Marxist and Wesleyan Anthropology & Dialogue
  • Worden, Barbara S., Emotional Evangelical: Blake and Wesley, The
  • Rogal Samuel J., Epworth Women: Susanna Wesley and Her Daughters, The
  • Reed, Gerard, Thomas Merton's Concept of Sanctification
  • Dillman, Charles N., Book Review: An Inquiry Into Soteriology (eds. John E. Hartley & R. Larry Shelton)