Wesleyan Theological Journal 19,1, 1984

Table of Contents

  • Thompson, David L., Presidential Address: Kuhn, Kohlberg and Kinlaw: Reflections for Over-Serious Theologians
  • Keefer, Luke L., Jr., John Wesley: Disciple of Early Christianity
  • Snyder, Howard A., Spirit and Form in Wesley's Theology: A Response to Luke L. Keefer
  • Bence, Clarence L., Response to Luke L. Keefer, A
  • Truesdale, Albert L., Christian Holiness and the Problem of Systematic Evil
  • Hasker, William, Holiness and Systematic Evil: A Response to Albert Truesdale
  • Smith, Timothy L., George Whitefield and Wesleyan Perfectionism
  • Hynson, Leon O., George Whitefield and Wesleyan Perfectionism: A Response
  • Shelton, R. Larry, Covenant Concept of Atonement, A
  • Climenhaga, Arthur M., Response to Larry Shelton, A
  • Hahn, Roger L., Book Review: Interpreting God's Word For Today (eds. McCown & Massey)
  • Dunning, H. Ray, Book Review: John Wesley's Message for Today (Steve Harper)