Wesleyan Theological Journal 20,1, 1985

Table of Contents

  • Outler, Albert C., Wesleyan Quadrilateral in Wesley, The
  • Hynson, Leon, Wesleyan Quadrilateral in the American Holiness Tradition, The
  • Abraham, William J., Wesleyan Quadrilateral in the American Methodist-Episcopal Tradition, The
  • Berg, Daniel N., Theological Context of American Wesleyanism, The
  • Deiter, Melvin E., Development of Holiness Theology in Ninteenth Century America, The
  • Mercer, Jerry L., Toward A Wesleyan Theology of Experience
  • Salter, Darius, Mysticism in American Wesleyanism: Thomas Upham
  • White, Charles, What the Holy Spirit Can and Cannot Do: Phoebe Palmer's Theology of Experience
  • Cubie, David L., Theology of Love in Wesley, The
  • Deiter, Melvin E., Book Review: Called Unto Holiness, Vol. 2, Nazarenes 1933-58 (W. T. Purkiser)
  • Thompson, David L., Book Review: Spectrum of Thought: Essays Honor Kinlaw (ed. Michael L. Peterson)
  • Staples, Rob L., Book Review: Practical Divinity: Theology Wesleyan Tradition (Thomas A. Langford)