Wesleyan Theological Journal 20,2, 1985

Table of Contents

  • Tyson, John R., Charles Wesley's Theology of Redemption
  • Moore, D. Marselle, Development in Wesley's Thought on Sanctification and Perfection
  • Spross, Daniel B., Doctrine of Sanctification in Karl Barth, The
  • Joy, Donald M., Wesleyan Theology and Developmental Structuralism: An Evaluation
  • Harper, Steven, John Wesley: Spiritual Guide
  • Murdoch, Norman, Wesleyan Influence on William and Catherine Booth
  • Berg, Daniel N., Book Review: Contemporary Wesleyan Theology (ed. Charles W. Carter)
  • Hynson, Leon O., Book Review: Exploring Christian Holiness, II, Historical Development (Bassett & Great)
  • Maddox, Randy L., Book Review: After Fundamentalism (Ramm); Coming Revival (William Abraham)
  • Raser, Harold E., Book Review: Christian Perfection & Methodism (Peters); Arminius (Carl Bangs)