Wesleyan Theological Journal 22,1, 1987

Table of Contents

  • Baker, Frank, John Wesley and Practical Divinity
  • Livermore, Paul, Precious Instrument: A Study of the Concept of Law in Judaism and Evangelicalism*
  • Wall, Robert W., Law and Gospel, Church and Canon
  • Taylor, Richard S., Question of "Sins of Ignorance" in Relation to Wesley's Definition, The
  • Rhemick, John R., Theology of a Movement: The Salvation Army in Its Formative Years, The
  • Keefer, Luke L., Characteristics of Wesley's Arminianism
  • Maddox, Randy L., Wesleyan Theology and the Christian Feminist Critique
  • Dunning, H. Ray, Presidential Address: Toward a Wesleyan Ecclesiology
  • McCown, Wayne, Book Review: Exploring Christian Holiness, Vol. 3, Theological (Richard S. Taylor)
  • Wood, Laurence W., Book Review: Leading Wesleyan Thinkers: Vol. III: Holiness Classics (Taylor)
  • Maddox, Randy L., No Time for Silence: Evangelical Women (Janette Hassey)