Wesleyan Theological Journal 22,2, 1987

Table of Contents

  • Carver, Frank G., Biblical Foundations for the "Secondness" of Entire Sanctification
  • Dockery, David S., Use of Hab. 2:4 in Rom. 1:17: Some Hermeneutical and Theological Considerations
  • Williams, Robert Lee, Piety and Poverty in James
  • Grider, J. Kenneth, Predestination as Temporal Only
  • Hynson, Leon O., Original Sin as Privation
  • Taylor, Richard S., Relation of the Holy Spirit to the Self, The
  • Merritt, John G., "Dialogue" Within A Tradition: Wesley & Gregory of Nyssa Christian Perfection
  • Jones, Charles Edwin, Tongues-Speaking and the Wesleyan-Holiness Quest for Assurance of Sanctification
  • Harper, Steve, Book Review: The Early Methodist Class Meeting (David Lowes Watson)
  • Dieter, Melvin E., Book Review: The Divided Flame: Wesleyans & Charismatic (Snyder & Runyon)
  • Carver, Frank G., Book Review: The Spirit and the New Age: (eds. R. Larry Shelton & Alex R. G. Deasley)
  • Wood, Laurence W., Book Review: Leading Wesleyan Thinkers: Vol. III: Holiness Classics (Taylor)
  • Maddox, Randy L., Book Review: No Time for Silence: Evangelical Women (Janette Hassey)