Wesleyan Theological Journal 23, 1988

Table of Contents

  • Carver, Frank G., Quest for the Holy: "The Darkness of God", The
  • Arias, Mortimer, Kingdom of God, The
  • Hynson, Leon O., John Wesley's Theology of the Kingdom of God
  • Bundy, David, Theology of the Kingdom of God in E. Stanley Jones, The
  • Johnson, W. Stanley, Wesleyan Reading of H. Richard Niebuhr's Theology, A
  • Dayton, Donald W., Holiness Witness in the Ecumenical Church, The
  • Collins, Kenneth J., John Wesley's Concept of the Ministerial Office
  • Maddox, Randy, John Wesley -- Practical Theologian
  • Tracy, Wesley D., John Wesley, Spiritual Director: Spiritual Guidance in John Wesley's Letters
  • Tyson, John R., Essential Doctrines and Real Religion: Wesley's Sermons
  • Ferrel, Lowell O., John Wesley and the Enthusiasts
  • Lodahl, Michael E., Witness of the Spirit"; Questions for Clarification for Wesley's Doctrine of Assurance
  • White, Charles Edward, Phoebe Palmer and the Development of Pentecostal Pneumatology