Wesleyan Theological Journal 25,1, 1990

Table of Contents

  • Keefer, Luke L., Presidential Address: John Wesley, The Methodists and Social Reform in England
  • Strong, Douglas M., "Application of Perfectionism to Politics": Abolitionism in Burned-Over District
  • Hamilton, James E., The Church as a Universal Reform Society: The Social Vision of Asa Mahan
  • Hynson, Leon Orville, Remington Rifles or Bows and Arrows The Post-Bellum Wesleyan Transformation of
  • Green, Roger Joseph, Theological Roots of In Darkest England and the Way Out
  • Murdoch, Norman H., William Booth's In Darkest England and the Way Out: A Reappraisal
  • Wall, Robert Walter, Embourgeoisement of the Free Methodist Ethos, The
  • Smith, Robert Doyle, John Wesley and Jonathan Edwards on Religious Experience: A Comparative Analysis
  • Murdoch, Norman H., Book Review: Weapons of Goodwill: History of Salvation Army 1946-1977 (Coutts)
  • Taylor, Richard S., Book Review: Truly Ourselves, Truly the Spirit's: Life in the Spirit (Laurence W. Wood)
  • Tracy, Wesley D., Book Review: Mysticism in the Wesleyan Tradition (Robert G. Tuttle, Jr.)
  • Bundy, David, Book Review: Religion and Radical Republican Movement, 1860-1870 (Howard)