Wesleyan Theological Journal 27, 1992

Table of Contents

  • Maddox, Randy L., Wesley and the Question of Truth or Salvation Through Other Religions
  • Tracy, Wesley D., Economic Policies and Judicial Oppression as Influences on Theology of Wesley
  • Collins, Kenneth, John Wesley's Critical Appropriation of Early German Pietism
  • Bryant, Barry E., Molina, Arminius, Plaifere, Goad, and Wesley on Free-Will, Omniscience
  • Rightmire, R. David, Samuel Brengle and the Development of the Pneumatology of the Salvation Army
  • Strong, Douglas M., Crusade for Women's Rights and the Formative Antecedents of the Holiness Movement
  • Ingersol, Stanley, Christian Baptism and Early Nazarenes: Sources that Shaped Pluralistic Baptismal
  • Shoemaker, Mel, Good News to the Poor in Luke's Gospel