Wesleyan Theological Journal 29, 1994

Table of Contents

  • Stanley, Susie, Presidential Address: "Tell Me the Old, Old Story": Autobiographies by Holiness Women
  • McCant, Jerry W., Competing Pauline Eschatologies: An Exegetical Comparison of I Cor. 15 And II Cor. 5
  • Lodahl, Michael, Wesleyan Reservations about Eschatological "Enthusiasm"
  • Hoskins, Steven T., Eucharist and Eschatology in the Writings of the Wesleys
  • Underwood, Grant, Millenarianism and Popular Methodism in Nineteenth Century England and Canada
  • Whidden, Woodrow W., Eschatology, Soteriology, and Social Activism in 19th Century Holiness Methodists
  • Lennox, Stephen J., Eschatology of George D. Watson, The
  • O'Malley, J. Steven, Pietist Influences in the Eschatological Thought of John Wesley and Jürgen Moltmann
  • Dabney, D. Lyle, Jürgen Moltmann and John Wesley's Third Article Theology
  • Blaising, Craig A., Changing Patterns in American Dispensational Theology
  • Bundy, David, Book Review: Olivet (Parrott); Pasadena / Point Loma (Kirkemo); Anderson (Callen)
  • Maddox, Randy L., Book Review: Outward Sign and Inward Grace: Sacraments in Wesleyan (Staples)
  • Callen, Barry L., Book Review: Sacraments and Salvation Army (R. David Rightmire)
  • Steele, Richard B., Book Review: Aldersgate Reconsidered (ed. Randy L. Maddox)