Wesleyan Theological Journal 3, 1968

Table of Contents

  • Arnett, William M., John Wesley and the Bible
  • Kuhn, Harold B., Burning Issues in the Life of Sanctity
  • Thompson, W. Ralph, Facing Objections Raised Against Biblical Inerrancy
  • Dayton, Wilber T., Theology and Biblical Inerrancy
  • Mattke, Robert A., John Fletcher's Methodology in the Antinomian Controversy of 1770-76
  • Boshears, Onva K., Books in John Wesley's Life, The
  • Wynkoop, Mildred Bangs, Communion of the Holy Spirit, The
  • Bonner, Norman N. & Carter, Psychodynamics Versus Evangelicalism
  • Carter, Charles W. & Bonner, Psychodynamics Versus Evangelicalism