Wesleyan Theological Journal 30,2, 1995

Table of Contents

  • Lyons, George, Presidential Address: Biblical Theology and Wesleyan Theology
  • Spina, Frank A., Wesleyan Faith Seeking Biblical Understanding
  • Wall, Robert W., Toward a Wesleyan Hermeneutics of Scripture
  • Wright, John W., Toward a Holiness Hermeneutic: The Old Testament against Israelite Religion
  • Dwyer, Timothy R., Paul and Scripture in the Second Temple Period
  • Stone, Bryan P., Wesleyan Theology, Scriptural Authority, and Homosexuality
  • Flemming, Dean, Third Horizon: A Wesleyan Contribution to the Contextualization Debate, The
  • Jones, Charles E., Reclaiming the Text in Methodist-Holiness and Pentecostal Spirituality
  • Thorsen, Donald A. D., Future of Biblical Studies in the Wesleyan Tradition: A Theological Perspective
  • Bauer, David R., In Honor of Robert A. Traina: Introduction and Tribute
  • Traina, Robert A., Central Convictions
  • Bundy, David, Book Review: Frauen in Methodistenkirche in Deutschland (Kraft-Buchmuller)
  • Collins, Kenneth J., Book Review: Wesley's Sermons: Anthology (eds. Outler and Heitzenrater)
  • Smith, Robert Doyle, Book Review: "Gracious Affection" and "True Virtue" Edwards and Wesley (Steele)