Wesleyan Theological Journal 33,2, 1998

Table of Contents

  • Pinnock, Clark H., Evangelical Theologians Facing the Future: Ancient and Future Paradigms
  • Maddox, Randy L., Reconnecting the Means to the End: Wesleyan Prescription for the Holiness Movement
  • Shelton, R. Larry, Wesleyan / Holiness Agenda for the Twenty-First Century, A
  • Wall, Robert W., Future of Wesleyan Biblical Studies, The
  • Green, Joel B., Reading the Bible as Wesleyans: A Response To Robert Wall
  • Deasley, Alex R. G., Biblical Hermeneutics and the Wesleyan Message of Holiness
  • Spaulding, Henry W., II, Reconstruction of the Wesleyan Understanding of Christian Perfection, A
  • Thornton, Wallace, Jr., Embourgeoisement and the Formation of the Conservative Holiness Movement
  • Cubie, David L., Wesleyan Perspective on Christian Unity, A
  • Kisker, Scott, Claude Thompson Controversy at Asbury Theological Seminary, The
  • Thompson, David L., Book Review: Romans: Bible Commentary Wesleyan Tradition (Clarence L. Bence)
  • Callen, Barry L., Book Review: The 19th-Century Holiness Movement (ed. Melvin Dieter)
  • Murdoch, Norman H., Book Review: Church in Mission: United Methodist Zimbabwe, 1897-1997 (Kurewa)
  • Bundy, David, Book Review: Radical Righteousness: Ethics and Holiness Movement (W. Thornton)
  • Yong, Amos, Exclusion and Embrace (Miroslav Volf)