Wesleyan Theological Journal 34,1, 1999

Table of Contents

  • Johns, Cheryl Bridges, Partners in Scandal: Wesleyan and Pentecostal Scholarship
  • Wood, Laurence W., Pentecostal Sanctification in John Wesley and Early Methodism
  • Wall, Robert, Purity and Power According to the Acts of the Apostles
  • Land, Steven J., Triune Center: Wesleyans and Pentecostals Together in Mission, The
  • Mellen, Elizebeth H., Ecumenical Vocation for the Wesleyan / Holiness Tradition, An
  • O'Malley, J. Steven, German Pietism in Nineteenth Century America Via a Missionary Periodical
  • Thompson, Richard P., John Wesley's Concept of Inspiration and Literary-Critical Approaches to Scripture
  • Snyder, Howard A., Formative Influences on B. T. Roberts: Abolitionism, Revivalism, Perfectionism
  • Ware, Steven, Restorationism in Holiness Movement, Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries
  • Whitelaw, David P., Forward Trajectory: Irenaeus as Guardian and Pathfinder, A
  • Morton, Russell, Studying Text in Wesleyan Context (A Response to Robert Wall and Joel Green)
  • Land, Steven J., Tribute to Dr. R. Hollis Gause
  • Seamands, Stephen A., Tribute to Dr. David A. Seamands
  • Bundy, David, Book Review: African-American Holiness Pentecostal Movement Bibliography (DuPree)
  • Bundy, David, Book Review: A Man on Fire: The Story of Maynard James (Paul James)
  • Knight, Henry H., III, Book Review: The New Creation: John Wesley's Theology Today (Theodore Runyon)
  • Bundy, David, Book Review: The Holiness-Pentecostal Tradition in the Twentieth Century (Synan)
  • Coker, Joe L., Book Review: Taking Heaven by Storm: Methodism and Popular Christianity (Wigger)