Wesleyan Theological Journal 34,2, 1999

Table of Contents

  • Cartwright, Michael G., Church Discipline in the Amercian Methodist Experiance
  • Meadows, Philip R., Providence, Chance, and the Problem of Suffering
  • Maddox, Randy L., Wesley's Understanding of Christian Perfection: Pentecostal (Response to Wood)
  • Wood, Laurence W., Response Maddox's Response to Laurence Wood
  • Pinnock, Clark H., Biblical Texts: Past and Future Meanings
  • Anderson, E. Byron, Trinitarian Grammar of the Liturgy and the Liturgical Practice of the Self
  • Blevins, Dean G., Resident Aliens and the Exercise of Power: Toward a Wesleyan Postmodern Education
  • Gorman, Joe, John Wesley and Depression in an Age of Melancholy
  • Goodwin, Charles H., Evangelistic Pastorate: Dilemma Wesleyan Ministry and Church Growth
  • Jones, Charles Edwin, "Color Line" Washed Away in the Blood: Holiness Church at Azusa Street
  • Kisker, Scott, John Wesley's Puritan and Pietist Heritages Reexamined
  • Johnson, Sarah Elizabeth, Free Methodist Mission in South Africa, 1891-1960: Conformity or Prophetic Challenge
  • Bassett, Paul M., Tribute to J. Kenneth Grider
  • Bean, Heather Ann Ackely, Book Review: Out on the Edge: Wake-Up Call For Church Leaders (Michael Slaughter)
  • Bundy, David, Book Review: Minds of West: Ethnocultural Evolution 1830-1917 (Jon Gjerde)
  • Bundy, David, Book Review: Sanidad del alma herida: Vols. I & II (Arline M. Wesmeier)
  • Spaulding, Henry W., II, Book Review: Theology and Social Theory (John Milbank)
  • Stanley, John E., Book Review: How United Methodists Study Scripture (Felton and others)