Wesleyan Theological Journal 35,2, 2000

Table of Contents

  • Callen, Barry L., Editor's Notes
  • Wright, John W., Wesley's Theology as Methodist Practice: Postmodern Retrieval of Wesleyan Tradition
  • Phillips, Thomas E., Reading Theory and Biblical Interpretation
  • Tyson, John, Relevance of Wesleyan Evangelism in a Postmodern Culture, The
  • Collins, Kenneth J., John Wesley's Critical Appropriation of Tradition in His Practical Theology
  • Chryssavgis, John, Practical Way of Holiness: Isaiah of Scetis and John Wesley, The
  • K├╝rschner, Mathias J., Enthusiasm of the Rev. John Wesley, The
  • O'Malley, J. Steven, Radical United Brethren Secession of 1889: German-American Contributions
  • Evans, Christopher H., American Methodist Social Gospel: The Public/Private Split Revisited
  • Chism, Keith A., Christian Perfection Among Nineteenth-Century African-American Preaching Women
  • Johnson, Sarah Elizabeth, Free Methodist Mission in South Africa: Social Conformity or Prophetic Challenge
  • Kostlevy, William C., Tribute to Drs. Delbert and Susan (Schultz) Rose
  • Callen, Barry L., Smith-Wynkoop Book Award: Douglas Strong, Perfectionist Politics
  • Knight, Henry H., III, Book Review: Clark H. Pinnock: Journey Toward Renewal (Barry L. Callen)
  • Maddox, Randy L., Book Review: Martin Luther and John Wesley on Sermon on the Mount (Tore Meistad)
  • Callen, Barry L., Book Review: Future for Truth: Evangelical Theology Postmodern (Henry H. Knight III)
  • Spaulding, Henry W., II, Book Review: Radical Orthodoxy: New Theology (John Milbank and others)
  • Bundy, David, Book Review: History of the Korea Evangelical Holiness Church (Sung Ho Kim)
  • Rightmire, R. David, Book Review: Salvation Army: Origins and Early Days 1865-1900 (Glenn K. Horridge)