Wesleyan Theological Journal 36,2, 2001

Table of Contents

  • Collins, Kenneth J., Soteriological Orientation of John Wesley's Ministry to the Poor, The
  • Grenz, Stanley J., Deconstructing Epistemological Certainty: William J. Abraham's Canon and Criterionm
  • Abraham, William, Response to Stanley Grenz, A
  • Meadows, Philip R., Discipline" of Theology: Marking Methodism Less Methodological, The
  • Thomas, H. O. Tom, John Wesley: Concept of "Connection" and Theological Pluralism
  • Leclerc, Diane, Wesleyan-Holiness-Feminist Hermeneutics: Historical, Current Considerations
  • Strege, Merle D., Quilting a Church: The Church of God (Anderson) in 1900
  • Hamilton, Barry W., William Baxter Godbey: Apostle of Holiness
  • Bredlinger, Irv, Wesley, Whitefield, a Philadelphia Quaker, and Slavery
  • Momany, Christopher P., Image of God and the "Social Principle": The Trinitarian Theology of Asa Mahan, The
  • Lowery, Kevin T., Fork in the Wesleyan Road: Phoebe Palmer and Christian Perfection
  • Vondey, Wolfgang, Symbolic Turn: A Symbolic Conception of the Liturgy of Pentecostalism, The
  • Bundy, David, David Loren McKenna: A Tribute
  • Pearson, Sharon Clark, Book Review: Heart of the Heritage: WTS 1965-2000 (B. L. Callen & W. C. Kostlevy)
  • Oord, Thomas Jay, Size Matters: Free-Will/Openness and Process Theists God (J. B. Cobb & C. Pinnock)
  • Pohl, Christine D., Book Review: Better Hope: Church Capitalism, Democracy, Postmodernity (Hauerwas)
  • Bundy, David, Book Review: A Dictionary of Methodism in Britain and Ireland (ed. John A. Vickers)
  • Rightmire, R. David, Book Review: Red Hot and Righteous: Urban Religion of Salvation Army (D. Winston)
  • Kostlevy, William, Book Review: Embodied Holiness: Spiritual Growth (S. M. Powell & M. E. Lodahl)
  • Spaulding, Henry W., II, Book Review: Radical Orthodoxy A Catholic Enquiry (ed. Laurence Paul Hemming)
  • Bundy, David, Book Review: The Christian and Missionary Alliance. Bibliography (H. D. Sandy Ayer)