Wesleyan Theological Journal 37,2, 2002

Table of Contents

  • Mott, Stephen Charles, Seminary as a Society of the Church: Seminaries & Church in United Methodist
  • Yong, Amos, Baptist Vision" of James McClendon, Jr.: A Wesleyan-Pentecostal Response, The
  • Grenz, Stanley J., Concerns of a Pietist With a Ph.D.
  • Collins, Kenneth J., New Creation as a Multivalent Theme in John Wesley's Theology, The
  • Maddox, Randy L., Decade of Dissertations in Wesley Studies: 1991-2000, A
  • Oord, Thomas Jay, Boston Personalism's Affinities & Disparities Wesleyan Theology & Process Philosophy
  • Coleman, Monica A., World at Its Best: Process Construction of a Wesleyan Understanding of Sanctification
  • Blevins, Dean G., Healing Grace and Leadership: Analytic Psychology and Community
  • Johnson, J. Prescott, Crisis and Con-Sequence: Sanctification and the Greek Tense
  • Wright, J. W. & Harrison, J. D., Ecclesial Practice of Reconciliation and the End of the Wesleyan, The
  • Dieter, Melvin E., A. Wingrove Taylor: A Tribute
  • Taylor, A. Wingrove, Sermon: Holiness Values From the Heavenly Vine
  • Knight, Henry H., III, Smith-Wynkoop Book Award: 2002: Diane LeClerc, Singleness of Heart
  • Spaulding, Henry W., II, Book Review: Liberation Theology After the End of History (Daniel M. Bell)
  • Christian, Charles W., Book Review: Most Moved Mover: A Theology of God's Openness (Clark H. Pinnock)
  • Phillips, Thomas E., Book Reviews: Introducing the NT (Achtemeir, Green, & Thompson) & (Drane)
  • Shelton, W. Brian, Book Review: Divine Paradoxes: Finite View of Infinite God: Response (J. T. Murphree)
  • Spaulding, Henry W., II, Book Review: The Problem of God in Modern Thought (Philip Clayton)
  • Phillips, Thomas E., Book Review: They Came and They Saw: Western Experiences of Holy Land (Prior)
  • Spaulding, Henry W., II, Book Review: A Theology of the Sublime (Clayton Crockett)
  • Phillips, Thomas E., Book Review: Past as Legacy: Luke-Acts and Ancient Epic (Marianne Palmer Bonz)