Wesleyan Theological Journal 39,1, 2004

Table of Contents

  • Snyder, Howard A., Babylonian Captivity of Wesleyan Theology, The
  • Gros, Jeffrey, Church in Ecumenical Dialogue: Crucial Choices, Essential Contributions
  • Leclerc, Diane, Gendered Sin Gendered Holiness Historical Considerations, Homiletical Implications
  • Green, Joel B., Contribute or Capitulate Wesleyans, Pentecostals, and Bible in a Post-Colonial Mode
  • Morton, Russell, Paradigm for a Wesleyan Understanding of Mission-John 14:12-21, A
  • Bundy, David, Presidential Address: Visions of Sanctification: Methodist, Holiness, and Pentecostal
  • Johns, Cheryl Bridges, From Strength to Strength: Neglected Crisis in Wesleyan & Pentecostal Discipleship
  • Oord, Thomas Jay, Types of Wesleyan Philosophy: General Landscape and Personal Research Agenda
  • Bartles, Laura, John Wesley and Dr. George Cheyne on the Spiritual Senses
  • Hamilton, Barry W., Corsicana Enthusiasts: A Pre-Pentecostal Millennial Sect, The
  • Stevens, Michael S., In Prison for Christ's Sake: Divine Healing Trials and the Church of God (Anderson)
  • Ingersol, Stan, Book Review: Our Racist Legacy: Will the Church Resolve the Conflict (Ivan A. Beals)
  • Ingersol, Stan, Book Review: Dialogue of Life: A Christian Among Allah's Poor (Bob McCahill)
  • Stanley, John E., Book Review: Revelation: Believers Church Bible Commentary (John R. Yeatts)