Wesleyan Theological Journal 40,1, 2005

Table of Contents

  • Callen, Barry L., Editor's Notes
  • Abraham, William J., End of Wesleyan Theology, The
  • Knight, Henry H., III, Presidential Address: Realism, Hope, and Holiness in the Wesleyan Tradition
  • Gschwandtner, Christina M., Relation Between Theology and Practice in Early Catechetical Instruction, The
  • Drury, John, Luther and Wesley on Union and Impartation in Finnish Luther Research
  • Blevins, Dean G., Practicing a Liturgical Eschatology
  • Lamp, Jeffrey S., "Appearance" Language in Titus: A Semantics of Holiness
  • Spaulding, Henry W., II, Practicing Holiness: Consideration of Action in the Thought of John Wesley
  • Park, Myung Soo, Change of Relationship Between OMS International and Korea Evangelical Holiness
  • Keen, Craig, Resurrection of the Body: The Liturgy of Martyrdom and the Hallowing of the Flesh
  • Walrath, Brian & Woods, Robert, Free Methodist Worship in America: An Historical-Critical Analysis
  • Woods, Robert & Walrath, Brian, Free Methodist Worship in America: An Historical-Critical Analysis
  • Iwig-O'Byrne, Liam, Bodily Expressions of Spirituality in the Early Free Methodist Church
  • Rusch, William, Toward a New Conference on Faith and Order in North America: A Progress Report
  • Mannoia, Kevin W., Wesleyan Holiness Study Project, The
  • Bundy, David, Book Review: Saved to Serve: Wesley Deaconess Order, 1890-1978 (E. D. Graham)
  • Bundy, David, Book Review: "On the Journey Home": Missions Evangelical United Brethren (O'Malley)
  • Kostlevy, William, Book Review: Celebrate Our Daughters: 150 Years of Women (M. L. & L. M. Haines)