Wesleyan Theological Journal 41,1, 2006

Table of Contents

  • Callen, Barry L., Editor's Notes
  • Hauerwas, Stanley, End of Protestantism and the Methodist Contribution, The
  • Meadows, Philip R., Wesleyan Theology in a Technological Culture
  • Murphy, Nancey, From Neurons to Politics
  • Koskela, Douglas M., Toward a Distinctively Wesleyan Recovery of the Church's Canonical Heritage
  • Kelle, Brad E., Church Praxis From the Framework of the Book Of Amos
  • Thompson, Richard P., Church in its Place: Revisiting the Church(es) in Acts, The
  • Raser, Harold E., "Christianizing Christianity": Holiness Movement as Church
  • Hardy, Douglas S., Spiritual Direction Within a Wesleyan Ecclesiology
  • Stiles, Kenton M., Eight-Day Rising Loaves: A Postmodern/Ante-Nicene Dialogue on Baptism
  • Thorsen, Donald, Ecumenism, Spirituality, and Holiness: Wesley and the Variety of Christian Spiritualities
  • Snyder, Howard A., John Wesley Redfield and 19th-Century American Methodist Revivalism
  • Bredlinger, Irv, John Wesley and Slavery: Myth and Reality
  • Collins, Kenneth J., Book Review: Der deutsche Pietismus und John Wesley (Sung-Duk Lee)
  • Staples, Rob, Book Review: Relational Holiness (Thomas Jay Oord & Michael Lodahl)