Wesleyan Theological Journal 41,2, 2006

Table of Contents

  • Callen, Barry L., Editor's Notes
  • Thorsen, Donald, Sola Scriptura and the Wesleyan Quadrilateral
  • White, Charles Edward, John Calvin's Five-Point Misunderstanding of Romans 9: An Intertextual Analysis
  • Manchester, Eric, Catholic-Orthodox-Wesleyan Exploration of Sacrament and Ecclesiology, A
  • Felleman, Laura Bartels, John Wesley and the "Servant Of God"
  • Heath, Elaine A., Via Negativa in the Life and Writing of Phoebe Palmer, The
  • Swartz, David, Rise of Women Ministers in 19th-Century Mennonite Brethren in Christ Church
  • Price, James Matthew, Influence of Personalism on the Theology and Education of H. Orton Wiley, The
  • Bevins, Winfield H., Historical Development of Wesley's Doctrine of the Spirit, The
  • Rack, Henry D., Some Recent Trends in Wesley Scholarship
  • Ackley, Heather Ann, Redemption and Sanctification of Human Gender and Sexuality: Wesleyan Proposal
  • McCormick, K. Steve, Icon of the Holy Trinity: A Spirit-Christology as Necessary Prolegomena of Ecclesiology
  • Phillips, Thomas E., Wesleyan Needle in Cinematic Haystack: Seeking Sanctification in Films
  • Downton, R. Keelan, Book Review: The Evangelical Moment: The Promise of American Religion (Collins)
  • Phillips, Thomas E., Book Review: Palestine & Palestinians: Guidebook (Sabri Giroud)
  • Rightmire, R. David, Book Review: Life and Ministry of William Booth: Founder Salvation Army (R. J. Green)