Wesleyan Theological Journal 42,1, 2007

Table of Contents

  • Pohl, Christine D., Practicing Hospitality in the Face of "Complicated Wickedness" (Keynote Address)
  • Vickers, Jason E., John Wesley's Advice to the Methodists on Friendship
  • Lyons, G. & Malas, W. H., Jr., Paul and His Friends Within the Greco-Roman Context
  • Tashjian, Jirair S., Friendship and Hospitality in the Parables of Jesus
  • Lamp, Jeffrey S., Friendship With World: Social Accommodation and Evangelistic Imperative in 1 Timothy
  • Smith, Robert, Paul's Quest for a Holy Church: Romans 14:1--15:13
  • Christian, Charles W., Friendship With God and the World: Oxford to Hollywood
  • Fitzgerald, James N., What Table What Guests The Eucharist as Hospitality
  • Keen, Craig, Presidential Address: The Root From Which They Spring
  • Stiles, Kenton M., Theological Aesthetics: A Wesleyan Sampling of Cuisine
  • Voiles, Greg, Iconic Nature of Hospitality in St. Gregory of Nyssa, The
  • Faupel, D. William, Missionary Strategy of John Alexander Dowie, The
  • Callen, Barry L., Smith-Wynkoop Award 2006: J. E. Massey African Americans and Church of God
  • Callen, Barry L., Outstanding Dissertation Award: 2006: Mark H. Mann
  • Callen, Barry L., Pastor-Preacher-Scholar Awards: 2006: Postlewait, Rowell, Watty
  • Green, Roger J., Book Review: Sanctified Sanity: Life & Teaching of Brengle (R. David Rightmire)
  • Suckau, Krishana Oxenford, Book Review: God of Nature and of Grace: Wesleyan Way (Michael Lodahl)
  • Wittung, Jeffery, Book Review: Theosis: Deification in Christian Theology (Finlan & Kharlamov)