Wesleyan Theological Journal 43,1, 2008

Table of Contents

  • Young, Frances, Suffering and the Holy Life
  • Kolskela, Douglas M., "Crucified to World": Suffering, Itinerancy, Transitions in American Methodist Eccl.
  • Campbell, Carl Claudius, Presidential Address: Wesleyan Theological Society as an Annual Pilrimage
  • Blevins, Dean G., To Be a Means of Grace: Wesleyan Perspective on Christian Practices and Children
  • Cissell, James R., Chronic Suffering, Charles Wesley, Personal Choice
  • Hambrick, M. & Lodahl, M., Responsible Grace in Christology John Wesley's Jesus in Epistle to the Hebrews
  • Miller, Andrew S., III, Suffering for and to Christ in William Booth's Eschatological Ecclesiology
  • Niles, Lori Haynes, Toward a Wesleyan Theology of Failure
  • Perry, Aaron, Listening, Narrative, and Atonement
  • Peterson, Brent, Eucharist: Church's Political Response to Suffering
  • Watson, Kevin M., Form and Power of Godliness: Wesleyan Communal Discipline as Voluntary Suffering
  • Wood, Darren Cushman, Suffering With Christ: Function of the Cross in Works of Wesley and Dorothee Soelle
  • Lodahl, Michael, Book Review: Wesleyan Perspectives on New Creation (M. Douglas Meeks, ed.)
  • McCall, Bradford, Book Review: Wesley for Armchair Theologians (William J. Abraham)
  • McCall, Bradford, Book Review: Abrahamic Theology for Science (Kenneth Vaux)
  • Perry, Aaron, Book Review: Atonement for a "Sinless" Society (Alan Mann)
  • Phillips, Thomas E., Book Review: Reading the Bible in Wesleyan Ways (B. L. Callen & R. P. Thompson)
  • Tuttle, Robert G., Book Review: Social Justice Through Eyes of John Wesley (Irv A. Bredlinger)
  • Wilson, D. R., Book Review: Cross and Covenant: Atonement 21st Century (R. Larry Shelton)
  • Wright, John W., Book Review: In Search of the Catholic Spirit: Methodists & Catholics (D. M. Chapman)
  • Wright, John W., Book Review: Methodist and Radical (Joerg Rieger & John Vincent, eds.)