Wesleyan Theological Journal 43,2, 2008

Table of Contents

  • Anderson, E. Byron, Charles Wesley and the Means of Grace
  • Clapper, Gregory S., John Wesley's Abridgement of Isaac Watts' The Doctrine of the Passions Explained and
  • Wood, Laurence W., Origin, Development, and Consistency of John Wesley's Theology of Holiness, The
  • Vickers, Jason E., Albert Outler and the Future of Wesleyan Theology: Retrospect and Prospect
  • King, Paul L., Women as Pastors in the Early Twentieth-Century Christian and Missionary Alliance
  • Scott, David, Racial Images in John Wesley's Thoughts Upon Slavery
  • Tau, Kyle, Wesleyan Analysis of the Nazarene Doctrinal Stance on the Lord's Supper, A
  • Thorsen, Don, Holiness in Postmodern Culture
  • Van De Walle, Bernie A., A. B. Simpson and the Classic Doctrine of Theosis
  • Olson, Mark K., Aldersgate II and the Birth of the Servant State
  • McDonald, William P., "What Shall We Do for the Rising Generation?" Methodist Catechisms, 1754-1907
  • Hoskins, Steven, J. O. McClurkan, N. J. Holmes, and the Pentecostal Mission Conventions of 1901-07
  • McCormick, K. Steve, Tribute to Rob L. Staples
  • Ingersol, Stanley, Tribute to Charles Edwin Jones
  • Bridges, Thomas, Book Review: The State of the University: Academic Knowledge (Stanley Hauerwas)
  • Cade, Joel W., Book Review: Reading Jean-Luc Marion: Metaphysics (Christina Gschwandtner)
  • Cade, Joel W., Book Review: Music and Theology (Don E. Saliers)
  • Clements, Robert D., Book Review: Charles Wesley and the Struggle for Methodist Identity (Lloyd Gareth)
  • Crofford, J. Gregory, Book Review: Theology of John Wesley: Holy Love and Grace (Kenneth J. Collins)
  • Cunningham, Floyd T., Book Review: Century of Holiness Theology Church of Nazarene (Mark R. Quanstrom)
  • O'Reilly, Matthew P., Book Review: Arminian Theology: Myths and Realities (Roger E. Olson)
  • Phillips, Thomas E., Book Review: Oracles of Science: Celebrity Scientists (K. Giberson & M. Artigas)
  • Price, J. Matthew, Book Review: Reflections of Grace (Thomas A. Langford)
  • Woodruff Tait, Jennifer L., Book Review: Early Methodist Life and Spirituality: A Reader (Ruth Lester)
  • Walker, Maxine, Book Review: Turn Pulpit Loose: Amer. Women Evangelists (Priscilla Poper-Levison)