Wesleyan Theological Journal 44,1, 2009

Table of Contents

  • Callen, Barry, Editor's Note
  • Moltmann, J├╝rgen, Natural Science and a Hermeneutics of Nature
  • Maddox, Randy L., John Wesley's Precedent for Theological Engagement with the Natural Sciences
  • Leclerc, Diane, Holiness and Power: Toward a Wesleyan Theology of Dis-ability (Presidential Address)
  • Kelle, Brad E., Devastation and Rejuvenation of Nature in Ezekiel, The
  • Lamp, Jeffrey, Creational Christology: A Rationale for Wesleyans to Care for the Created Order
  • Cochran, Elizabeth Agnew, Christian Perfection & Moral Reasoning: Wesleyan Challenge to Dilemmas Bioethics
  • Otto, Mark & Michael Lodahl, Mystery and Humility in John Wesley's Narrative Ecology
  • Lodahl, Michael & Mark Otto, Mystery and Humility in John Wesley's Narrative Ecology
  • Branson, Robert, Shifting Paradigms for Interpreting Genesis 1- 11
  • Mellish, Kevin, Creation as Social and Political Order in Ancient Thought and the Hebrew Bible
  • Peterson, Brent, Science of the Sacraments: The Being and Becoming of Persons in Community
  • Keen, Craig, Holy, Holy, Holy: The World Need Not Have Been
  • Blevins, Dean G., Neuroscience, John Wesley, and the Christian Life
  • Culp, John, Book Review: Partakers of the Divine Nature (M. J. Christensen & Wittung, J. A., eds.)
  • O'Reilly, Matthew P., Book Review: God Who Is Triune, The: Revisioning Doctrine God (Allan Coppedge)
  • Bridges, Thomas, Book Review: Trial of the Witnesses, The: Postliberal Theology (Paul J. DeHart)
  • Frazier, J. Russell, Book Review: Unexampled Labours: Letters of John Fletcher (Peter S. Forsaith)
  • Sweeden, Joshua R., Book Review: Considering the Great Commission (W. S. Gunter & E. Robinson)
  • Clark, Brian Curtis, Book Review: Methodism (Hempton) & Introduction Methodism (Cracknell & White)
  • Knight, Henry W. III, Book Review: Foundation of Revival: Religious Societies (Scott T. Kisker)
  • Boeckel, Benjamin, Book Review: Many Facets of Love: Philosophical (Thomas J. Oord, ed.)
  • Rightmire, R. David, Book Review: Exploration of Christian Theology, An (Donald A. Thorsen)
  • Perry, Aaron, Book Review: Atonement Debate, The (D. Tidball, D. Hilborn, & J. Thacker)
  • O'Reilly, Matthew P., Book Review: United Methodist Beliefs: Introduction (William H. Willimon)