Wesleyan Theological Journal 44,2, 2009

Table of Contents

  • Callen, Barry L., Editorial Notes (44, 2)
  • Collins, Kenneth J., State of Wesley Studies in North America: A Theological Journey, The
  • Iwig-O'Byrne, Liam, Never Quite Good Enough: The Early Methodist Search for Certainty in Arminian
  • Tyson, John R., Theology of Charles Wesley's Hymns, The
  • Maddix, Mark A., John Wesley and a Holistic Approach to Christian Education*
  • Clapper, Gregory S., John Wesley's Language of the Heart
  • Reasoner, Victor P., Assurance or Presumption? Early Attempts to Reconstruct Methodist Doctrine: 1803
  • Olson, Mark, Roots of John Wesley's Servant Theology, The
  • Momany, Christopher P., Metaphysics and Ethics of Asa Mahan, The
  • Zbaraschuk, Michael, Process Theology Resources for an Open and Relational Christology
  • Callen, Barry L., Heart of a Radical Reform: Christology and the Church of God Movement (Anderson)
  • McCall, Bradford, Emergence Theory and Theology: A Wesleyan-Relational Perspective
  • Thompson, Richard, Tribute to Barry L. Callen Upon Receiving the WTS' Lifetime Achievement Award, 2009
  • Ingersol, Stan, 2009 Smith-Wynkoop Award to Randall J. Stephens, Fire Spreads
  • Belcher, J. David, Book Review: Ground of Election: Arminius’ Doctrine of Christ (C. F. Stuart)
  • Heyduck, Richard, Book Review: Let Every Soul Be Jesus' Guest: Theology of Open Table (M. Stamm)
  • Loyer, Kenneth M., Book Review: Charles Wesley: Life, Literature & Legacy (Newport & Campbell)
  • O'Reilly, Matthew P., Book Review: Young, Restless, Reformed: New Calvinists (Collin Hansen)
  • Perry, Aaron, Book Review: Body, Soul, and Human Life: Humanity in the Bible (Joel B. Green)
  • Sweeden, Nell Becker, Book Review: John Wesley's Ecclesiology: Sources & Development (Gwang Seok)
  • Yong, Amos, Book Review: Rewired: Exploring Religious Conversion (Paul N. Markham)