Wesleyan Theological Journal 45,1, 2010

Table of Contents

  • Callen, Barry L., Editorial Notes
  • Marshall, I. Howard, Survey of New Testament Christology for Theologians, A
  • McCormack, Bruce L., Christology and Metaphysics in Paul Tillich and Karl Barth
  • Oord, Thomas J., Love as a Methodological and Metaphysical Source for Science and Theology
  • Riss, Richard M., John Wesley's Christology in Recent Literature
  • Brian, Rustin E., Epistemic Priority of Christ in Recent Roman Catholic Christology, The
  • Reed, Rodney & Gift Mtukwa, Christ Our Ancestor: African Christology / Contextualization
  • Mtukwa, Gift & Rodney Reed, Christ Our Ancestor: African Christology / Contextualization
  • Gschwandtner, Christina M., Sharing Our Weakness: Christ, Creation, and Fallenness
  • Crawford, Nathan, Pursuing an Ontology of Attunement Through St. Augustine's Christology
  • Hammond, Geordan, John Wesley and "Imitating" Christ
  • Winslow, Karen Strand, Figuration in Biblical Interpretation
  • Ackerman, David A., High Priesthood of Jesus and the Sanctification of Believers in Hebrews 7:10, The
  • Downton, R. M. Keelan, Narratives of Witness, Testimony, and Reconciliation
  • Wood, Laurence W., Need for a Contextual Interpretation of John Wesley's Sermons (response to K. Collins)
  • Culp, John, Book Review: On the Mystery: Discerning God in Process (Catherine Keller)
  • Loyer, Kenneth M., Book Review: Holy Spirit, The (F. LeRon Shults & Andrea Hollingsworth)
  • Perry, Aaron, Book Review: Community Called Atonement, A (Scot McKnight)
  • Schwartz, Wm. Andrew, Book Review: Divine Grace & Emerging Creation: Wes. Science&Creation (T. J. Oord)
  • Tait, Jennifer L. Woodruff, Book Review: John Wesley Reader on Christian Perfection, The (Mark K. Olson, ed.)
  • Stanton, Daryll Gordon, Book Review: Good Works Reader, The (Thomas C. Oden)
  • Walker, Maxine E., Book Review: Philip's Daughters: Women Pentecostal Lead's (Alexander & Yong)