Wesleyan Theological Journal 8, 1973

Table of Contents

  • Mattke, Robert A., Putting It All Together
  • Arnett, William M., Study in John Wesley's Explanatory Notes Upon the Old Testament, A
  • Taylor, Richard S., Some Implications in the Holiness of God for the Holiness Preacher
  • Lovell, Ora D., Present Possession of Perfection as Presented in First John, The
  • Turner, George A., Evaluation of John Stott's and Bruner's Interpretations of Baptism of the Holy Spirit
  • Blaney, Harvey J. S., St. Paul's Posture on Speaking in Unknown Tongues
  • McGonigle, Herbert, Pneumatological Nomenclature in Early Methodism
  • Bassett, Paul M., Conservative Wesleyan Theology and the Challenge of Humanism